Norfolk Showground, NR5 0TT


Meet our Brand Ambassadors


Jessica Crowden

"I grow a lot of edibles from our new build garden, and also have an allotment. I’ve got two young sons and growing with them and my husband is such a joy, especially when eating our own produce and teaching them about healthy, organic gardening.

"I’ve recently started renovating our garden and I’ve got a gorgeous new Olive green Rhino greenhouse and a number of Vegepods. I moved to Norfolk roughly 13 years ago and honestly maintain that it’s the best area to bring up children due to access to nature around us."

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Amy Goodwin

"I simply love gardening and being outdoors. I’m very keen to show that - one, you can add personality and character to a new build garden not only through adding established plants but by inexpensively sowing seeds yourself too and two, having a child doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden filled with beautiful flowers.

"Our son loves getting outside and involved in the garden, in fact a lot of the plants we’ve grown from seed this year he has helped tend to at his very own potting bench! We love educating him on the positive effects gardening has on the environment and mental health."

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Emily Jenkins

"I am a really keen gardener, I recently moved so I’m currently growing and developing my new build garden. I am the go to person on the school run for gardening advice which I love and I’ve encouraged a lot of friends to start gardening. I do a lot of my gardening with my youngest daughter Winnie who adores the gardening life.

"I like to encourage people who don’t garden or who think they can’t rather and open a new world to them. I really want to show that gardening isn’t just for people of a certain age and also how much it can help your mental health."

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Alex Ottley

"I've been gardening for several years now but, like many others, covid and lockdowns took my gardening to another level.

"Gardening is so calming for me and there is nothing better than after a busy day at work getting in the garden, see what's changed and especially at this time of year, watch the bees doing their thing."

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Hollie Flower Evans

"My gardening style is a zillion wildflowers mixed with English cottage garden mixed with tropicals mixed with every type of Hydrangea mixed with every type of Succulent!!!

"I’ve tried terribly hard to refine & tidy the theme but I’ve decided gardening is too personal to worry about it!”

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Andrew Sullivan & Sadie Riches

"We are Andrew and Sadie and we both love gardening. We started our garden back in 2020 I love the gardening community especially on Instagram."

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Kayleigh Brookes

"I had no background or brought up with anyone who loves gardening, but i find it so relaxing being in the garden weeding and making new flower boarders.

"I love learning new ways to gardening and learning about the different plants and I love creating my own little happy areas. My favourite flowers are Roses, Lillies and Lavender."

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Mellissa Shepherd

"I am the operations manager for Project Dignity cic. We provide support for those struggling with the aid of gardening, nature, growing vegetables and bringing the whole thing together in an eco friendly way.

"Our biggest project on our seven acre site is our veteran centre. This we hope to start building later this year. We will be helping veterans learn new land based skills to help them start a new career. We received a grant from the National Garden Scheme this year to help towards putting in our vegetable garden, wildlife pond and sensory garden, all to help people's mental and physical health."

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